Monday 22 April 2013

New Wood Mount Stamp Boxes

Introducing our new wood-mount stamp set packaging! These new cases are similar to our clear-mount boxes and fit perfectly on the shelf right next to them. They also have the images and stamp set name on the spine to make your search for the right set even easier. Starting from 1st July, all wood-mount sets will come in this new packaging and empty cases will be available with the launch of the new catalogue. That means you can transfer all your old sets to these new boxes! There will even be a template for you to create your own label for your old stamp sets. A pack of four half-size cases (9.5 x 14 cm) will sell for £5.95 €/£4.50 and a pack of four full-size cases (19.1 x 14 cm) will be £8.50 €/£6.25. My stamp shelves will never look the same again!! Until next time....

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