Thursday 9 September 2010

Something Different!

When my Sister and Brother in Law gave birth to their little girl back in July, I thought it would be nice to to buy them a present, but I wanted to get something different!

After looking on the Internet and seeing some of the items that people were selling, I thought to myself 'I'm sure I could make one of those', so I did!!

I bought a packet of nappies and rolled them up to make the base, which I then covered with a pink/white blanket that I had already purchased. I had also brought a pink 'My First Teddy' by Steiff and also some newborn baby clothes and shoes. I arranged them all on the top of the rolled up nappies and hey presto, a Baby Girl Nappy Cake (or Diaper Cake as they're known in the US).

I wrapped it all up with some cellophane and a Pink florists ribbon.

The photos don't really do it much justice I'm afraid, I wish I had taken some without the cellophane!

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