Thursday 22 April 2010

New Cricut Cartridges Ordered!!!

Morning all!

Ive been a bit naughty this morning, and have ordered 2 of the new Cricut Cartridges! I found a brilliant website and all of the items on there are very reasonably priced!

I have in the past purchased cartridges from America, but I have now been hit twice with Import Duty charges, this then makes the cartridge prices no different to what they are in the UK!

I cant wait for my goodies to arrive.....then I can have a play!

Ive also brought some Cri-Kuts (gel pens for the Cricut) and these look amazing too!

Just hope my Hubby doesnt find out how much ive spent lol ;o)


Vicky said...

Hi Nicky!
Thank you for being one of my followers!. Just had a look at your blog, and have fun with your new cartridges!! I also got a cricut, don't seem to use it much yet, must try harder lol.Hope to see your creations soon, love to see them!
Take care love Vicky xx

Enfys said...

Ooooh, which ones did you get? I have just got the Paris one, and I am loving the Preserves one for some strange reason - it's just a bunch of fruit :)
Hope your little girl is better now. Max and Milo have just had the dreaded pox,
big hugs
En xx